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Abortion Elimination Is Prohibition

Let me start out by being very clear that, like most Libertarians, I believe that every person has (and should always have) the right to make decisions for themselves even if we disagree with those decisions. This extends to the current debate about the legality of abortion in Texas.

Abortion opponents often cite that "since life begins at conception, abortion is murder". That belief then extends to them claiming that they are "advocating for the unborn", or that they are "protecting the sanctity of human life". But regardless of their additional arguments, all of it comes back to their singular belief that "life begins at conception".

I state that this is a "belief" because there really is no definable, beyond-a-reasonable-doubt proof on the idea one way or the other. Despite a large number of scientific citations that this belief is a valid statement, there are an equal number of equally scientific citations to the contrary. As a result, discussions of this nature fall squarely into the realm of philosophical debate, and that is a very poor area from which to make law. Yes, there are many laws that prohibit specific actions (e.g., murder, theft, lying under oath, etc.), but if you care to notice, all of these laws are intended to prevent the possibility of some form of harm being inflicted on someone else. So while abortion opponents continue to clamor that "abortion is murder", that still presupposes that some form of unborn life has been affected, and it's already been established that not everyone can agree on when "life" begins.

"All this time we're talking and sharing our rational views, a billion other voices are spreading other news."

Making the Alternatives Easier

If we, as Texans, seek to eliminate abortion in our state, then we must make its alternatives more easily available including over-the-counter contraception options, simplifying and reducing the cost of infant adoption, as well as finding other avenues to assure the physical and mental health of those who choose to undergo any of the available processes (abortion, birth, or adoption).

Ultimately, once someone allows themselves to step back and look at this issue without a predetermined agenda, the "heartbeat law" can be easily seen as a deliberate attempt by one group to force their beliefs on someone else whether the second group agrees with it or not. Not only should this authoritarian mindset be unwelcome in Texas, but by attempting to legislate a specific morality, this law is simply another example of a "prohibition law" that should (very much like the 18th Amendment) be repealed.

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