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Abortion Issue

About Abortion (YouTube video link)


The topic alone is the ultimate expression of binary thinking.

It is a very convoluted and complicated issue that touches not only the physical health of both the mother and the child, but also their social, financial, and mental health. It also touches the mental health of anyone who might be in their social orbit, now and in the future. But pundits, politicians, and the media on both sides of the issue have reduced it into one of only two possible outcomes.

"It's the rocket that ignites itself and launches its way to the stars. A driver on a busy freeway racing the oblivious cars."

For abortion's advocates, you are either FOR a woman's right to choose or you are a Neolithic troglodyte who needs to educate yourself and start living in at least the 20th century. For abortion's opponents, you are either FOR the sanctity of life or you are a sociopathic serial killer who does not deserve to breathe much less run for a political office. Advocates on both sides of this single issue have reduced -- and will continue to reduce -- any opinion, no matter how well thought out, into that simple binary choice. And for some voters, this is the ONLY issue that matters and they will ONLY cast their vote for someone who advocates what they already believe. For them, there is no middle ground.

"You may be right. It's all a waste of time. I guess that's just a chance I'm prepared to take, a danger I'm prepared to face."

But I think differently, and I believe that there IS a middle ground. So yes, I do have an opinion on this issue, and no, I will not declare what that opinion is because my opinion doesn't really matter for two reasons. The first is that extremists like those I have described will never listen to, much less "hear", anything that does not meet their predetermined ideas, and the second is that I don't have the plumbing for it so I will never need to make that choice.


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