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Election Integrity

From my perspective as a Libertarian candidate, the whole idea of "election integrity" being a major issue in Texas is simply another Old Party red herring" tactic designed to distract voters away from looking at real issues. Candidates and sitting members representing either of the Old Parties do not really seem interested in "election integrity" (i.e., the idea of ensuring that the people are actually represented by the candidate that they chose to represent them) unless it ensures that ONLY Old Party voters are allowed to vote (and that only their votes are counted). 

Vast Voter Fraud, or "Counting Their Chickens"

Despite the purely anecdotal accusations by certain groups of "vast voter fraud" within the 2020 presidential election, investigations by multiple highly reputable organization have found nothing to confirm these spurious allegations, even in Texas. In fact, a recent report from a reputable non-partisan news site rates Texas's election integrity as sixth in the nation with a score of 76 out of a possible 100.

What Old Party members really seem to mean when they talk about voter fraud is their fear that their particular tribe will not receive what they have come to believe is their full "count of chickens". They have pre-election polling data and all manner of pre-election metrics that show "we should have received this many votes, but didn't so it MUST be voter fraud." It couldn't possibly be that the pre-election polling data and/or metrics were skewed.

Here are just a few topics that I believe actually refer to "election integrity":

Ballot Access

Here in Texas, the Old Parties have tried to limit independent and alternate party candidates from even appearing on the General Election ballot by using a "pay-to-play" law (which is arguably both corrupt and illegal). (Read More)

Voter Registration

Some political ideologues believe that requiring a valid ID to vote is discriminatory; others do not. But voter registration is NOT about discrimination, it's about the issues that affect the voters in the areas where they live. (Read More)


Remember that YOU have a choice. It's YOUR vote; we should have to EARN it.


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