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Old Party Bullies Want Exclusivity

Article: Pelosi Launches an All-Out Attack Against No Labels

If you crave proof that the Old Parties don't want anyone else playing in their sandbox, look no further than former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who oddly declared to reporters in Washington recently (02-Nov-2023), "I think that No Labels {a non-partisan political organization supporting centrism and bipartisanship} is perilous to our democracy. I say that without any hesitation. When they jeopardize the reelection of Joe Biden as President of the United States, I can no longer remain silent about that." 

Now, most rational people will agree that more political parties and more diverse candidates would serve as undeniable evidence that American democracy is alive and well, but given her statement, Mrs. Pelosi -- and, I suspect, many of her ilk -- seems to believe that America is much better served by having only two major parties that actively work to (1) prevent competition and (2) maintain a stranglehold on the electorate.

Maybe it's just me but that doesn't sound like a rational argument from someone who purports to value a free republic.

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