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Our Candidacies are NOT Trivial

Article: Every Candidate in the Running to Represent Denton County in 2024


UPDATE: I received the following email post yesterday (15-Dec) from Claire Williams at the Denton Record-Chronicle:

Hi Darren – thanks so much for reaching out. You’re absolutely right. I’ve added both you and Phil Gray to the candidate listings, and added a correction to the top indicating that it was updated.

Although parties outside of Republican or Democrat aren’t covered as often, it’s definitely still important that we as a news organization provide all info available to readers and potential voters.

Thank you!

Claire Williams

Director of Content
Denton Record-Chronicle |




To: Juan Betancourt, Denton Record-Chronicle

Mr. Betancourt:

Let me state at the outset that I understand. Having been in the media myself once, I am aware that "time" is a premium commodity and that distributing information in a timely manner, especially for print media, is crucial. Also, given the limited avenues available for verifying some information, I can understand why my complaint may fall on deaf ears. 

That said, I am somewhat disappointed that neither I nor my friend, Phil Gray, were listed in your article "Every Candidate in the Running to Represent Denton County in 2024". My complaint is with the use of the term "every" in the article's title.

My name is Darren Hamilton, and I will once again be running to represent District 57 in the Texas House of Representatives on the Libertarian ticket. Phil Gray will be running for Congressional District 26 on the Libertarian ticket.

Yes, I am fully aware that the Secretary of State's website - which is the most likely source for the list that you published - only shows qualified candidates registered for the March primaries (in which Libertarian and other non-primary party candidates do not participate). I am also cognizant that as far as the media is concerned only Democrat and Republican candidates are worthy of valuable column inches, but I also believe that due diligence in this matter should be exercised. 

Those of us who do not participate in the primary process are equally committed to serving the residents of Denton County, perhaps more so simply because we know at the outset that our candidacies will be prejudged as trivial. Despite these obstacles, we should (in my opinion) also be noted on your list of "every candidate" because Denton County residents have a right to know - trivial or not - that candidates for these offices exist outside of the Old Parties.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you or your editors have any questions that I might be able to answer.

Thank you for your time.

Darren Hamilton
Candidate for Texas House District 57

Committee to Elect Darren Hamilton
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