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Introduction for Texas House District 57

An introduction to my candidacy for Texas House of Representatives, District 57.

After the 2020 census, Texas was forced to redraw the boundaries for its federal Congressional districts as well as its state House of Representatives and Senate districts. This ensures that each district has roughly the same count of residents. District 57 is one of those newly drawn Texas House of Representative districts. The district serves central and western Denton County, but skirts around the city of Denton. This area of Denton County includes the towns of Corinth, Dish, Hickory Creel, Lake Dallas, Lakewood Village, Little Elm, Oak Point, Ponder, and Shady Shores. It also includes parts of Argyle, Copper Canyon, Crossroads, Hackberry, and Highland Village.

My campaign is centered around the idea of "NOT Politics as Usual". By that, I simply mean that my discussion of political issues is not intended to reflect the values of any particular "team". My views may reflect those of your "team", or they may not. In a more direct sense, the intent of my campaign is to discuss ideas, not people.

There have been a number of studies made recently (within the past ten years or so) about how the majority of Americans become burned out about elections by the time Election Day in November arrives. According to these studies, much of this political burnout is simply due to the incessant bickering and mud-slinging that partisans typically use against each other during their campaigns. Admittedly, part of that bickering has to do with each candidate trying to show the electorate how different they are from one another, but most of it can be summarized in the movie quote, "Are you not entertained?"

The point here is that if I can only make inroads in an election by slinging mud at my opponent instead of debating our ideas, then this race becomes more about "popularity" than about "service", and I have no real interest in participating in a popularity contest.

Committee to Elect Darren Hamilton
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