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A Few Statements about How I Speak

Some folks have told me that the way I speak (i.e., what I say and how I say it) comes across as "unsettling", but if I try to change how I speak, then I won't be me. Granted that politicians usually alter their speech patterns to better relate to the people they represent, but I promise you that this is definitely NOT the case here.

I am autistic having been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome about 20 years ago. It probably seems unusual to have a politician (new or otherwise) make such a statement, but my condition obviously has an influence on what I say. I am also a veteran of the United States Marine Corp ("Semper Fi" to all my Marines out there), so I will also probably make a few military references during the course of my discussions.

One aspect of my condition is my desire to understand things. I want to understand how things work and why people sometimes do what it is that they do. So if the way I speak makes you feel uncomfortable, or makes you believe that I either don't - or won't - understand the problems that you face every day, I can respect that. But then I would ask, what is it about the way I speak that would make you believe that I would be unable to comprehend the issues that matter most to you, and find a way to resolve them?

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