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Links to My YouTube (and Other) Videos

2022 Lewisville ISD Candidate Forum [29-Sep-2022]

The North Texas Commission, along with the Flower Mound, Lewisville, Metrocrest and The Colony Chambers of Commerce hosted a candidate forum at Lewisville High School on Sept. 29 in the Leo Stuver Auditorium. Hear from candidates in races from State House Districts 57, 63, and 65, each of which represents parts of Lewisville ISD.

Links to My YouTube Videos

This page features the links to my YouTube videos on specific topics.

Video 1: Introduction for Texas House District 57

An introduction to my candidacy for Texas House of Representatives, District 57.

Video 2: A Few Statements about How I Speak

Some folks have told me that the way I speak (i.e., what I say and how I say it) comes across as "unsettling", but if I try to change how I speak, then I won't be me. Granted that politicians usually alter their speech patterns to better relate to the people they represent, but I promise you that this is definitely NOT the case here.

Video 3: What Are Political Commercials Really Selling?

Cue the circus music because here is where the REAL sideshow begins.

Video 4: The Abortion Issue Is All About Messing With Your Mind

More often than not, "they" will devote a great deal of time and energy to mentally manipulate whatever it is until it finally emerges as a simple binary choice.

Video 5: Reject the Status Quo

In America, there are currently only two major political parties -- the Old Parties -- which seems stupid to me because no other developed country in the world is limited to two tribal political parties constantly fighting each other.

Video 6: The Spirit of Liberty, Part 1

After 1787, American Liberty quietly drifted off to sleep, probably believing that what she had given the Americans was in good hands. But now, the alarm clock has been ringing since the 1960s and the snooze button, having been smashed too many times, is broken. The slap-in-the-face wake-up call of January, 2021 is bringing Liberty's waking clarity into sharper focus, and she's NOT happy.

Video 7: The Spirit of Liberty, Part 2

Each generation is called upon to refresh the Spirit of Liberty; not rewrite it, but revisit it, recast it, and reclaim it. And then pass it down - cracks and all - to a new generation of Americans so that they can repair the cracks that we cannot - not to cover them up, or to pretend that they did not exist - but to continue "to build a more perfect Union."



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