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 Rethinking Texas Government to Empower Texans 

My Op-Ed Regarding the Club Q Massacre (19-Nov-2022)

Let's call it what it actually is: an act of domestic terrorism.

A Tale of Two Cities (Juneau and Atlanta)

Ranked-choice voting is not only more efficient, it saves time and money. And THAT'S the bottom line.


About Darren

My name is Darren Hamilton, and in 2022 I ran for the Texas House of Representatives in the newly redrawn District 57. I am primarily driven by a sense of service to my family, to my country, and my community, and I am still committed to taking that dedication to Austin. (Read More)

Introduction Video (YouTube)

What I Mean by "NOT Politics as Usual"

Stop for a moment and ask yourself what's important to you and your family. Then, go out and vote for THAT! No one can run your life better than you.


Immigration, and Border Security

"Border Security" is a red herring. What we should be discussing is "comprehensive immigration reform" and how to make the methods of legal immigration fair, reasonable, and more accessible to potential immigrants. (Read More)

Education and School Choice

Education is one of the most expensive government services and should be expected to provide some of the best returns on our investment. Unfortunately, the discussions on improving education typically revolve around throwing more money at a system that was designed well before the current information age. (Read More)

Election Integrity

From my perspective, the whole idea of "election integrity" being a major issue in Texas is another "red herring" talking point designed to distract voters away from looking at real issues. The topic is simply a 'fear-mongering' tactic based out of their own fear that they will not receive their "full count of chickens". (Read More)

Prohibition Laws

Prohibition is the act of forbidding something, especially by law. It's basically the government telling people what they cannot do and claiming that these laws are in place "for the public good", but they're not. Laws covering censorship and recreational cannabis are just a couple of existing prohibitions that should be heavily scrutinized. We should not be trying to control someone else's personal choices and decisions through law. (Read More)


The Libertarian Quiz

Have the Republicans and Democrats let you down? Maybe you're a Libertarian. Take this quiz and find out.


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