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What is a "political platform"?

It's an official statement of values, principles, and policies. It serves to inform voters of a party's (or candidate's) positions and to differentiate it from its competitors. Essentially, a platform outlines the key goals and stances that a party (or candidate) supports. These are usually designed to appeal to the general public with the ultimate purpose of garnering support and votes on complex topics or issues. When you hear about a party's (or candidate's) platform, it's essentially their roadmap for governance and the basis on which they seek public support.

My Platform


You own your body and mind; no external power has the right to force you into the service of "society" or "mankind", or any other individual or group for any purpose, however noble. 

Second Amendment and Gun Control

There is (generally) no one who will dispute the right you have to defend yourself and your family. When you get right down to the "flint and powder" of it (pardon the pun), the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is about self-defense.

Public Education (K-12)

Our size also means that we have multiple areas with very dense populations and even more areas with very sparse populations. These two factors present unique and daunting challenges to public education throughout the state. 

Healthcare vs Health Care

During the 2020 election cycle, there were a large number of discussions about healthcare. Many of these arose from a position espoused by the Democratic side of the aisle; that health care is a right, not a privilege. I anticipate a similar reaction in 2024. 


I believe that every person has (and should always have) the right to make decisions for themselves even if we disagree with those decisions. This belief extends to the current debate about the legality of abortion in Texas. 


If Americans want immigrants to enter the United States through legal channels, then the immigration laws and their reforms should make those legal channels fair, reasonable, and more accessible to immigrants.

LGBTQ+ Issues

Feel free to use all of the initials you want to use to identify your particular choice of lifestyle, none of it changes my presumption that you are a person and that you (hopefully) have a brain.

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