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My Personal Platform

You Do You

Personal Liberty - No one has the right to force you into the service of "society" for any purpose. Slavery is wrong. Because you own yourself, you are also responsible for your own well-being. Others are not obligated to feed or clothe you. "Forced compassion" is an oxymoron.

Second Amendment Rights

Self-ownership (above) implies a right to self-defense (e.g., the Second Amendment). Protect yourself and family but do no harm to others through force (or threat of force). 

Repeal Possession Laws

Simply having something, whether gold, guns, cannabis, or anything else, should not be considered criminal. Laws criminalizing simple possession of ANYTHING are tailor-made for a police-state where something illicit can be easily planted in a home, a car, or a pocket. So, who's really the victim?


Education is one of the most expensive government services and should be expected to provide some of the best returns on our investment. Unfortunately, the discussions on improving education typically revolve around throwing more money at a system that was designed well before the current information age.

Why Small Business Matters

Despite what we have been led to believe, Texas has been taking the time to make it as difficult as possible to open or maintain that small business. Small business regulations and taxes can be transformed into a positive influence on entrepreneurship with one word: simplification.


Unions have been an integral part of American society for the past century. Unfortunately, well-connected elites have often used state power to simultaneously suppress workers’ movements and enrich organized crime as they have climbed the union leadership ladder. 

Alleviating Poverty

For struggling Texans to reach their full potential, Texas must immediately take action to eliminate poverty traps. If the state continues to penalize people for earning more money (through increased taxation), they will be hesitant to earn more money. As a result, poverty holds them hostage and dependency on welfare is perpetuated.

Tax Reform

Before county and local governments are able to determine how their tax dollars are best spent, Austin and D.C. have already spent them by issuing their own mandates without the necessary funding to implement them. We have massive amounts of overspending at the state level that must be cut.

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