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For the record, I am not actively seeking endorsements from political organizations. If one is offered, I will post it, but my intent with this page is to reflect my personal character as seen through others. 

Darren is a unique man who combines both intelligence and altruism. He's working for the best possible outcome, the most positive points for everyone involved -- and I've never seen him rattled by anything. Steady. Thoughtful. Good men in politics may be hard to find. Here's one. — Jeremy Lee

I can describe Darren Hamilton in a single word. Integrity. If you prefer more words, and please forgive my use of cliche, his character is beyond reproach. I've known Darren for about 30 years. In that time, I've never had reason to doubt his word. Additionally, I watched him basically teach himself to become a database programmer. I mention that because I have no doubt, as a fledgling Representative, Darren will apply his full heart and intellect into becoming an accomplished and formative servant of his constituency. If I lived in his district, he'd have my vote and my unwavering support. Vote for Darren Hamilton this November. — Bryan Titen

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