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"Costello" Targets Businesses That 'Jeopardizing Public Safety'

[News Link] "Costello" Targets Businesses That 'Jeopardizing Public Safety'

(from the article) "Texas Attorney General Paxton filed five lawsuits against five businesses his office claims disregarded state law and refused to allow police officers to enter their businesses with their guns, thereby jeopardizing public safety."

Is anyone else smelling what this Shyster has been shoveling? As private businesses, these establishments have EVERY right to determine who, and by extension, what they allow their guests to bring into their businesses. By continuing this charade, it seems to me that his draconian bully tactics are simply an attempt to distract everyone from seeing the whiney, spoiled child who didn't get a second helping of dessert.

It's my personal opinion that we should send this wanna-be cowboy back to shoveling in the pasture because he is the biggest threat to 'jeopardizing public safety'.

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