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My Opinions

On Women's Issues

These are our mothers, wives, and daughters, and they don't deserve to be treated as second-class citizens - no one does.

On Special Needs Issues

We must disabuse ourselves of the false image that people who have special needs are otherwise incapable of taking care of themselves.

America Has E.D.

... and it's not something that can be corrected without being willing to ingest a nasty, hard-to-swallow pill.

LGBTQ+ Issues

Why would I care about what you do (and all that)?

Club Q (19-Nov-2022)

Let's just call it what it is; domestic terrorism.

Loyalty Politics

Let's face the facts: if you are a Democratic (or Republican) voter, what are the actual chances that you would vote for any candidate that is NOT a Democrat? Even if that candidate is the only person in the race who is not a Republican AND agrees with you on issues that are personally important to you? This same question could be asked of a Republican and it would achieve a similar result.

Political Debates

So why should a voter care if a candidate debates or not? Voters have a plethora of social media sites to see where a candidate stands on the issues, right? Yes, but none of those mediums force candidates to answer questions that they want to avoid. In other words, if, as President Joe Biden always says, this is the battle for the soul of our country, shouldn’t candidates be able to show up and take a couple of tough questions?

Ranked-Choice Voting

Saving time and money is the bottom line. 

Moore v Harper

Sure, let's just do away with the whole "checks and balances" thing, right? 

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