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Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

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My name is Darren Hamilton, and I am running to represent District 57 in the Texas House of Representatives serving most of central Denton County.

First, let me be very clear about this: I am many things, but one thing I am NOT is a politician (and anything I say in my sleep to the contrary cannot be held against me). By profession, I am a data analyst, statistician, and database engineer. I am a Marine, a husband, father, and grandfather. I am an autistic and a video gamer. I am a polymath and an autodidact. I am also a "dyed-in-the-sackcloth" Libertarian.

Of the many things I've done, though, meeting and talking to new people is my Kryptonite. I have a form of high-functioning autism formerly known as Asperger's Syndrome. As a consequence of this condition, I'm not really comfortable in new or different (at least for me) situations. I will get better with practice, though, so please bear with me.

Let me assure you that I am not blinded by naivete, or by wearing rose-colored lenses. Being a candidate from an alternative political party, it's not the high probability of losing this election that bothers me. It's the idea that no one else has even suited up for the fight. As Texans, we deserve better than to be represented in our halls of government by ONLY two wildly divergent political ideologies. If there is one thing that I learned from my time in the Marines, it's that we fight for a cause that we hold sacred. We don't just fight the battles that we know we can win; we fight the battles that NEED fighting regardless of the circumstances.

In a more direct sense, the intent of my campaign is to discuss ideas, not people, but it is very likely that I will, at some point, make some very pointed comments about my views, the views of my opponents, and those of their parties. In my opinion, the continued lock-step extremism of the Old Parties and their respective platforms has been wholly detrimental to both the political discourse in this country, and to the soul of the country itself.

I believe that each person is unique - an individual with individual needs, thoughts, and dreams, and individual responsibilities. As such, I believe that you are the best person to decide what to do for you and your family, not big government. I believe that the very diverse nature of our families, our friends, and our neighbors deserve to be represented in the Texas legislature. I also believe that, together, we can start today to build a better tomorrow for all residents of our respective cities, our county, our state, and even our country.

I believe that people should decide the laws, not government agents or political parties. I believe that if people are not harming others, they should be free to live their own lives and pursue their own interests free from intrusion or interference by the government into their personal lives, family lives, and business decisions. I look forward to discussing more of the real issues that concern all of us here in north Texas between now and November, and I hope that something that I say might have you look at the issues that matter most to you and the ones that you love.

I believe that it is long past time for there to be a consistent voice for liberty and accountability in Austin. Let me be that voice for you.


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