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"Costello" Is At It Again

Article Link: Texas AG Sues a Nonprofit That Helps Migrants

Ken Paxton, the frustrated man-boy and “Costello” half of the Texas duo, has filed yet another lawsuit against an honorable Texas entity.

On February 7, the Catholic charity, Annunciation House in El Paso, was given a directive from the Office of the Attorney General to turn over a broad swath of their internal records without an explanation. Very rightly, the nonprofit asked a court to issue a restraining order until a clarification could be made about which documents the law permits the OAG to access.

I personally find it somewhat oxymoronic – heavy emphasis on the “moron” – to imagine that someone so shallow can stoop to such depths. And yet, true to his unthinking and vindictive nature at anyone having the temerity to question him about anything to which he believes he is entitled; Paxton is once again using his bully pulpit to intimidate the nonprofit into complying with his drumhead tribunal tactics.

This is only one of the reasons that I believe that anyone who voted to acquit this clown (or didn’t vote either way) at his impeachment trial last year should not be returned to the House chamber.

It's unfortunate that I am somewhat limited in space because there are a great many words that would far more accurately describe the kind of slime that this man oozes in his ongoing mission to make the State of Texas into his own personal version of the Republic of Gilead.

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