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Texas A.G. Ken Paxton Is Throwing a Tantrum

Article: Texas Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Pregnant Woman from Emergency Abortion

Okay, so let me be clear about this: life is a gift, but so is free will, and in my opinion (for whatever that may be worth), free will is the singular intangible aspect of "the plan" that makes any life worth living. Thus, (again, solely from my perspective), in the hierarchy of intangible aspects, free will rates higher.

Now, I can understand that people believe that life is more important, but if that were true, why were we also given free will? Yes, it's a foregone conclusion that people will make choices that you personally will not like or agree with, but there is NOTHING that gives anyone the authority to strip away another person's free will which is exactly what is happening here. You may not like their choices, but (based on your belief system) you aren't going to stand judgement based on their choices; only on your own choices.

Very much like a petulant spoiled child who whines and throws a tantrum because he doesn't get a second helping of dessert, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is using the authoritarian threat of force to seemingly get his way. Bully tactics aside, in a very real sense, he believes that people who deign to choose something that he doesn't like are second-class (or lower) citizens and do not deserve the respect that ALL people deserve regardless of their specific situation. 

We, as Texans, deserve better than this.

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